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Do you want to watch Monaco Grand Prix and F1 Racing in 2022?

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When it comes to watching the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship, you’d better keep them in your fingers because a new era is finally upon us! It will probably be one of the most exciting races in terms of spectacle and the history behind it. From the beginning of the 2020 season, we witnessed some of the greatest drivers and their machines taking part on track 2 of the Stade de la Sarthe to try and steal victory from each other without a single team having any significant advantage.

Formula 2

After numerous rounds that were plagued by rain, which ended with just one point to show for. In September of last year we saw Lewis Hamilton winning another world championship after an incredible victory at Silverstone. A race that was quite controversial as both sides were involved in dangerous tactics as well as others that will not end well for anyone if they are ever seen again. So what happens next? We will have to wait until 2022 for more news to begin the countdown of who will be the first to join the great club of those who won the title under their young driver name.


With two titles coming up next year in 2022, how can I watch the racing in my own country for free?

You should know that this is something many fans want to watch but sadly, we don’t have access to cable and satellite TV in the UK so unfortunately cannot get access to the race on our phones or tablets as of yet. However, there are ways around this problem by downloading the service provided by Sky and BT Sport which will allow viewers from all over Europe to download the service and see every round available worldwide from anywhere that has internet and a stable Wi-Fi connection. If you’re interested, then check out what’s inside.

The app provided by Sky and BT Sport doesn’t come cheap and you’ll have to spend £12.99 to start it up. So it’s basically like purchasing a ticket to attend an event and then providing a service for those who enjoy being able to watch live and not just sitting down to watch later. This might seem like something out of a science fiction movie to me but it’s still true as I think everything about it feels very real and the technology is there to make its mark in life beyond just the sport itself. Having said this, I would not recommend doing this if you aren’t at least a bit confident in the system even though the price of it may seem high. But the fact that it will work is worth trying because you can save money a lot just by giving them a shot.

Since we have been stuck to looking at one particular sports platform due to social distancing, the only way to watch the game is through the television. No wonder fans are frustrated and would appreciate an alternative, such as via Youtube. That’s why they’ve decided to make their own YouTube channel. Now, you could argue that this isn’t ideal seeing as it means broadcasting content in English, but it works and allows people to watch pretty much any sport, especially when it has been kept secret until now. For example, the British Premier League footballers can also stream games on Youtube so everyone can watch any match that may be happening at home in reality. Also, the official Netflix series called ‘Formula One’ is being produced to help boost the sport here and across countries. With Youtube becoming a popular choice, hopefully some other platforms will follow along soon and will begin bringing it into their home regions.

The big question here is where do I watch the events?

Well for starters, Disney+ is available in almost all countries in Europe and we think it should become a daily subscription service. This is the perfect place to watch Formula 1 if you don’t have a screen and are willing to pay for the service. Plus it offers loads of content too, so you can find anything you want, whether it is going to one of the top movies or an episode of a TV series. All the latest episodes of the American drama, i.e. Marvel, are all available for streaming with no extra cost with streaming services and are very affordable compared to buying the rights to the film. Lastly, Prime Video should start launching a bunch of shows over the next few months, just in time for Christmas and New Year’s and you can choose whether to purchase them in different territories.

Formula 1

Well that’s all I can say. At the moment, I’m using HBO and Amazon Prime but I’ll eventually transition to Netflix. Don’t forget I also have Chromecast installed which makes it easy to stream via TV, phone and computer. As long as you have an account to log in then it will let you in to the world of Formula 1. Who knows maybe we will get all the exclusive details soon, including the future of the company and how far they are going to go in the future. There are many questions to be answered and answered fast, with the right answers coming in the second half of next year!!

I hope these tips helped at least provide some help for those who want to watch this huge event (or any event) in the near future! Until then stay safe and keep safe so everyone can have some fun. Let’s hope all gets back to normal next year!

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