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How to ignore annoying people?

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So, last week I had a phone call where there was someone who was trying to contact me and try and tell me what I did that day. The reason why I could not remember what happened is because of this. It’s so stupid. But, I think it helps for you to know how to ignore annoying people. You know so many times how people really annoy the hell outta you or when everyone around you does something… when they do something mean or annoying, it gets your blood boiling up a little bit. You get irritated and you feel like everyone around has done everything that you didn’t do. Well, I have a few techniques that I use to keep them from bothering me too much. And if anyone is bothered by my advice, then go ahead and ignore them. You don’t need anything else!

The first thing you can do is to just look down at the cell phone in front of you and ignore it. Now, let me explain. When I say to just look down at it, that means you look at all the pictures on it and read every word that is printed there. Then, as soon as you get to the bottom of the picture, all you will have to do is pick the picture and scroll back over until you reach the top. That way, in order to see more pictures, I am gonna tell you right now that you might have to scroll back over a quarter of the picture of the picture to come to the bottom, but in all seriousness, I think that’s enough information for this. Next time a person tries to talk to you while you’re looking down at their phone, just ignore them.

The second thing that you can do to stop them is to put the phone away because it doesn’t add any value to the conversation. As soon as you take out it from its charger, if anyone wants to speak, the only thing that they can do is ask you to pick them up. We live in an age where we are so engrossed with our phones, so we don’t even give seconds thought about what is going on around us. Just think about it. If you want to ask a girl to your house, you just take her home and stay at her place. If you want to start talking to your parents, you just send text messages. No matter how hard anyone tries to push you, they are going to be left alone. Don’t be ashamed, it’s all good manners. There are no rules here. So, why bother. If you wanna keep it for yourself, do what you want.

What would happen if you put your phone away?

People always find excuses when they don’t feel good about something. They say that the world isn’t that bad and that we would make mistakes if we had time so that should be okay. Yeah, it’s true, sometimes we get things that we didn’t really expect to get. So, what would happen if you stopped to think about how those people might react? Maybe you would start thinking about yourself and your life. Or maybe you’d start thinking about how you might feel being so full of yourself when you’re just ignoring them and not caring. Either way, at least you’re doing yourself good.

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