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how to say no to the people

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Have you ever had a conversation with someone that made you feel like a complete doormat? Or was it just something so uncomfortable for you that made you keep walking away from the situation until the end of the day? If you were in this kind of position, then let me share some things I learned to make myself seem less of a pushover. But before I get into what those things are, here’s a quick lesson in self-discipline that could save your life and even your sanity if you choose to take action.

Self-discipline is when we decide to stick with the right path regardless of the cost or effort involved. I didn’t always want to be on social media or posting about my lives on Instagram, but as time went on, I started to find myself struggling when I should’ve been happy with my progress. So, I decided to stop doing all of those things because I knew it was taking away from what was going well and making more mistakes.

So, now it makes sense why I would feel compelled to say no to people who are genuinely nice and helpful, because they are helping me become better at whatever I’m doing. This person probably has the same feeling of helplessness, as I did a little over a year ago when I finally broke down how much of an as*h0le I thought I was and tried hard to give myself some grace and not force things out too soon, even though it felt silly. It also helped with me realizing that everyone has their own way of saying something good. You don’t need to be popular or have the looks of those who seem to want to help you in any way, especially when you’re struggling a bit. All you need is being willing to listen and try to understand where they’re coming from and give them the best chance at whatever you’re working on. As a result, we can build better relationships, learn how to stand up for ourselves and even work in teams and friendships because people are willing to help you out whenever they see someone else struggling.

I’ve found that people are usually willing to help out when they’re around me. But, people will also go a lot farther with other people if it doesn’t interfere with people doing something positive around them. Just keep showing them your love because someone might be able to help you or maybe even offer to help you. There’s nothing bad about that. And the best part is once they start to respect you, there won’t be any kind of problem. You wouldn’t know what you’re doing unless you’re already successful, right?

I hope these tips work for you! Let me know in the comments how you tackle your next confrontation with someone who isn’t really listening! I would also like to hear your thoughts on the topic! Feel free to reach out.

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