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Save upto $100 a Year Just By Unplugging These Unused Appliances

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As the world becomes increasingly more aware of a need to reduce our carbon footprint and Save upto $100 a Year, it’s not unusual for household appliances to become overlooked in that regard, especially if they’re still on contract and are out of date. The truth is that many old appliances don’t quite live up to their full potential, so why waste your hard-earned cash? This list provides some really useful ways to free up space in your home, without compromising on the quality or any aesthetics you may have.

1. Fanatic Laundromat/Washer

If you have one of these older appliance models that was once a fan of using lint racks, then consider making room in your freezer by unloading them onto the bottom shelf of your fridge and plug in each one yourself. It will only take a few minutes, but it’ll free an entire floor and add up to about $100 to your total spending. I’ve even gone as far as fitting insulation boards under each rack to get an extra layer of safety around your gadgets. You’ll probably feel odd at first, but then you can stop worrying about what everyone else thinks and just accept those tiny little steps.


2. Bedroom Remodeler

One way to make sure you have enough storage in your bedroom is by turning things into artwork! If there isn’t an actual purpose for an extra large bed, then set its rails aside and use this handy tool to turn it into something beautiful. Then stack anything else from there! What’s more, it gives you access to additional storage below the mattress and also gives you easy access to drawers and other cupboards. That way, you don’t need to go far to make your dream apartment.


3. Toiletry Cabinet Adjustment Tool

If your toilet doesn’t flush properly or you just wish to make things easier on you, then you should buy two toilets and store them in two distinct areas of your bathroom and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with that. Plus, that same cabinet adjustment tool makes it much simpler to keep track of all your supplies when you’re away. Even better than all this, the items are made of sustainable materials and look great while keeping your bathroom tidy. Plus, each item costs only about $20 USD or less. For those who want the luxury of customised work, try to stay away from this brand, because of how affordable!


4. Wall Clock/Wall Sleeves

Don’t let your walls go unused! Instead, turn your back of the chair so you can see where the clock is. It won’t cost you too much (maybe a couple of dollars), but that dollar adds up over time. Maybe it won’t even be worth all the trouble, but don’t underestimate the power of being able to adjust everything at will.


5. Food Organiser + Storage Dispenser

What do you mean you never have enough juice or coffee? Turn the dispenser on when you leave your desk, because it can save you hours at a time when you can’t find any coffee. Or perhaps you need a quick pick up before dinner? Use the organiser. There are plenty available out there, but look for those with wheels. They make storing and serving very convenient. Not only that, but they’re really useful little additions on your kitchen island.


6. Kitchen Countertop Stove

If you’re tired of chopping wood or finding yourself constantly running out of hot water and don’t like the look of your countertops, change that up by investing in a simple stove top. Sure, you’d find something even more aesthetically pleasing, but changing up your kitchen is always a pleasant thing anyway. When in doubt, just chuck it in and use the burners! You’ll notice that everyone seems to think that it must be terribly uncomfortable, but no one ever tells you what it’s actually like. Well, in my opinion, that’s fine, because we all have our own thoughts.


7. Vacuum Cleaner Flushing Toss Machine/Luxury Hand Dryer

If you’re someone looking for fancy attachments without breaking the bank, then you could start to look at having a vacuum cleaner flushing a tumbling machine or your hands. Either of which works wonderfully in freeing up countertop storage. With both things combined, it’s truly a fantastic cleaning solution. And hey, maybe it’s not ‘flushing’ but just ‘cleaning’. Perhaps if you’re feeling particularly clumsy, simply hang your clothes instead? Your life will thank you for giving it a second chance and you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it sooner.


8. Automatic Dishwasher & Trash Bag Basket

If you’re tired of washing your dishes every time you step through the door, then you need to invest in an automatic dishwasher. Yes, it can clean everything in sight, with the exception of foods, but it’s also extremely helpful if there’s some small child involved. The trash bag container will also do wonders every time you have something to throw out, meaning no trips to the bin every single time you’re done doing it. All of the above features have the added bonus that as soon as they’re installed, you don’t have to worry about having to come back to them when you’re ready to get rid of whatever it is you want to dispose of!


9. Portable Light Bulbs

For people who love going everywhere because there’s nowhere to charge your phone, it might be important to invest in portable light bulbs. This means your entire day’s activities don’t have to be interrupted by charging cables. The battery-powered ones have LED lighting that lasts longer than you’d expect, so you won’t end up having to recharge them after you’ve been stuck in traffic for seven hours! Just remember to have them charged so you can go on another adventure!


10. Vented Outdoor Heating System

If you’ve got an electric vehicle or motorcycle, then there’s definitely something useful to keep under wraps if you want to run off-road! At the moment, they aren’t legal on highways, but since manufacturers are beginning to produce models that can withstand harsh conditions, it’s sure to become legal pretty soon. So if you’re planning a long drive outside, maybe it would benefit you to invest in some special equipment for your car! That includes a vent to release the heat during high temperatures and other extreme weather situations.


Bonus: Do a Christmas Tree Arb Project

Look around and think of any of the objects you would place in your living space that you’d rather collect and bring home. Try to picture ways to use each of these and then put them together! Don’t be afraid to go wild and create an entirely new piece, if none of the above have already been used. Nowadays, there are quite a bit of websites which allow you to build various ideas with recycled trees, so it’s a good idea to give them a whirl. But make sure you know where to buy your supplies. They’re extremely cheap (around $200 USD) but can be very tricky to source locally! However, make sure you check out such sites that offer tutorials and tips on how to fix the problem using different cuttings and other items. Once it’s done, put it in storage, and call home.

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