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The 9 Best TV Shows You Must Watch.

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TV has been a way to escape reality but at the same time, it’s been this incredible tool for entertainment and an outlet for thoughts. We have some amazing shows that have allowed us to escape and get ourselves away but also gave us a great understanding of our own world that was often quite overwhelming. But in this article, I will go over some of my faves and have included the ones that are more educational. So without further ado here is the list of Best TV Shows and let me begin…


1) Family Guy

This classic American sitcom revolves around the family of 4 brothers and sisters who live with their parents in New York City. It follows a group of young adult boys whose lives revolve around many different antics and misadventures. There are a lot of hilarious moments all together and some serious moments as well. In addition, there are episodes where there’s no theme, they just talk about everything and even though there isn’t any kind of action, there’s more than enough comedy in every episode.

The show also consists of one of their best parts, Jim Halpert. Jim Halpert first appeared on the series when he was 10 years old and after 7 years he became a part of the original cast. He became known as Jerry Mouse due to his role as Pogo from Peanuts. Jim Halpert took over the role of Captain Tom when he moved into space. In each episode, you can see Jim talking to Geraldine (one of his characters and friend) about his everyday life. As each character changes, we see how different they are and the relationships they have.

The main cast members were Charlie Sheen (Sandra Bullock), Dan Levy (David Schwimmer), Brian Austin Green (Joey Tribbiani) and Jason Alexander (Andrew Goldberg). Even though most of these actors died of cancer, they still played their roles faithfully and were able to stay relevant. Also, having such good friends like Charlene Mitchell (Sarah Silverman), Jeff Daniels (Chris Farley), Matt Groening (Steve Carell) and Craig T. Nelson as Uncle Phil was one of the funniest things ever.


2) 24

This show is based on the novel by Michael Lewis called Everybody Hates Rick Halsey. This show follows the lives of two people who decide to move out to California and make a new life for themselves. After making all kinds of preparations, one day they just find out that what they planned was just too expensive. They’re forced to come up with something else after realizing that the only thing left to do is to buy a house for less than $600.

This show started off as a radio drama but through the course of the seasons has become so much more interesting. A lot of the themes that the author tried to convey throughout the show is quite evident in everyday life. You will quickly understand why they want you to be happy or sad depending on your state. Because if you’re living in Texas and all is going well, then you will feel much better. And if you live in Michigan and all you think is doom and gloom, the chances that you’ll be happy increase drastically. You want to tell each other how you feel? Just say sorry!


3) Dexter

This show revolves around Dexter Morgan, a serial killer on the run from law enforcement. He has quite a few personalities throughout the shows and when someone calls him “a nice guy” it usually just means that they haven’t really liked him. Most of his interactions are very strange and unpredictable and will make you question everything before making any kind of assumption. In essence, this show is not a true crime or mystery but rather, a psychological thriller.

Dexter is an intelligent man and has a sense of humor, which makes him quite memorable. Everything that happens is so unique and intriguing that you want to see it happen again and again, with another person. Like when Dexter was asked by Dexter if he killed his wife and how could he kill his father the way he did, he answered correctly by telling Dexter that “I must have killed them both!” Although this scene might seem minor when someone asks about the murder of another person, the fact is to understand Dexter’s mind better than most people.


4) How I Met Your Mother

This is another example of the classic and popular CBS series that got so deep into your head and went deeper into the story than anybody else could. For this reason, you can expect the plot to reach beyond reality and into this world that seems to always exist. Based on the book written by Sally Rooney, the show revolves around a woman named Amy who meets her husband, Ross, after he leaves her for a year to study abroad in Amsterdam. This show also takes place in New York and the whole town.

There are many important themes in this show but one of them is love. Love that keeps you going, love that doesn’t give you time to die and love that never dies. The last one, of course, is very powerful. If some person comes into this world and loves you, you may want them back or at least it might change your life. One of the most obvious themes is that of hope but the writers have never been shy to include elements of dark and depressing subjects because this is always what you would hope for in life.


5) Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has reached its peak and is loved and hated by everyone. Some of the audience members dislike him because they think that he’s annoying and others like him because he’s funny and kind. Not everyone likes the boy since some people think that he’s so snooty. However, this show is loved by all who loves a genuine child who has grown up watching cartoons and has been raised properly in a suburban household. All the characters on the show are very realistic. We see all the regular children of Belton High School, including his son Cole, and some of his cousins. At the end of the season, viewers see how their childhood friendships would turn out, some getting married, others getting divorced. So with all these positive messages and feelings, these characters are also faced with the realities of life. When you watch the scenes, the emotions in the faces of all of the participants are clear and can be felt. Plus, as the saying goes, there’s always a chance that the world might just blow apart and maybe even kill everyone!


6) Desperate Housewives

This is another hit on the CW channel and has several seasons to enjoy. This series is based on the novel of the same name by Charles Dickens. This show tells us all about women struggling with life. The show contains lots of dramatic and shocking events and yet is not boring at all. By the way, the real name is The Women’s Wives who try to survive in an abusive relationship. Everyone expects one big fight at the beginning of the season but actually, there are a lot of beautiful moments and storylines in the entire second half of the season. Overall, the main plot is quite straightforward and is quite predictable. The supporting cast doesn’t disappoint either. People don’t always know what they’re seeing but it definitely gives you a great insight into what’s happening around them. Even though they all act so serious and serious, there are times when everything gets messy but the atmosphere remains calm.


7) 30 Rock

This is a comedy that is created by David Spade. The first three seasons of this show are completely based on the book by David Spade, however as time goes on, the creator tries to add twists. You can see many changes in this show, which is necessary in order to keep the audience interested. Since all the characters are so different and unique, you can easily distinguish between the characters. The plot revolves around Mike and Chandler Bing, two friends that are trying to make money through illegal drugs. Their boss encourages them to use drugs since nobody wants to lose his job and you really like the chemistry between them. But one of the biggest changes is the ending of the third season which focuses much less on the final season but rather on the relationship of Mike and Chandler. Basically, all you need to do is to see how two people get past their differences, and that’s exactly what this show accomplishes.


8) Parks And Recreation

This is an American animated sitcom which has aired on HBO for the past nine years and follows the adventures and experiences of four city dwellers in a fictional small town. Each member of each character gets really involved and tries to look like they’ve got everything figured out. However, after a long journey, they suddenly realize that they’re the opposite of each other. In reality, none of them is aware of what their situation is or the actual way of thinking. What matters is really about finding ways to survive this complicated society.

Despite the fact that this is set in the 1970s, every character seems to have grown up and gone through something similar to me, so there are many similarities between them. These are often humorous scenes and all the jokes are quite believable. Many of the characters actually have a certain amount of authority over their peers. You can tell many stories through the eyes of these players and many other people. In addition, this is an iconic show that was highly successful during the 1990s and 2000s.


9) Two And Dime

This is a Canadian teen soap opera that is being told by the producers with 20 million subscribers every week. Through the second half of the second season, the storyline revolves around five guys who start working as drug dealers in Toronto. Then once they move into Vancouver, they take their business to a whole new level and get involved in various criminal activities in the streets. They soon realize that this lifestyle is not only dangerous for life but it also

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