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Things every college freshman should know

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Before you start your college freshman year, it’s time for some college prep! Here are a few things that every incoming freshman should know. One thing to know about freshmen in 2020 is that they have less classes to worry about since the whole pandemic has grounded them. Most of their classes at schools have been cancelled or kept online, but in some cases students have been able to enroll in hybrid classes where they can still take all required courses. There are also many more ways to check out the school experience before starting college in 2021.

The right classes are not just necessary but also vital as well. The first class that every student should know is how many hours they need to spend on each assignment. They have different workload ranges depending on the course they’re taking and how much study time they have. For example, algebra is one of the most popular courses at colleges with an average of 12-13 hours each week. Even though I wouldn’t recommend doing this course during first year, everyone can learn about it. Some people may prefer learning calculus instead since it requires more effort. If you feel like learning calculus instead, then the option is there if you so needs it. It doesn’t matter which semester you decided to take it since the amount of math will be similar in all subjects.

Also, make sure to spend enough time on each subject so you can understand what is being taught and how it fits into your life. Lastly, make sure that you have enough knowledge in order for you to learn whatever you want. As always, do a research on the professor of the course you’re taking or about the area you want to study. More than half of college students spend at least 5 hours of studying weekly. So there’s absolutely no excuse to waste those five hours that you could use to get good grades, take care of yourself, and have fun!

I just wanted to include all my tips. A lot of my friends have already started college and they will tell me about their struggles, experiences, and the advice that they did have to help. Hopefully it helps you. Feel free to contact me in case you’re looking for more advice. Thanks!


What To Expect In First Year At University

First year is full of excitement and changes. Whether it is going through new programs, meeting new people, or just trying to find the motivation to reach your goals. You’ll enjoy it and it will be great. But that’s exactly why it’s important to plan and prepare! Make sure to read up carefully before entering university and look at the options available so you don’t miss anything. Also make yourself prepared for the first couple of weeks by reading everything that you want to take part in. Make sure to fill out this application as well. This will give you the chance to show what type of person you are and what courses you want to attend.

Don’t forget to complete several other tasks beforehand in order to avoid any form of misunderstanding. Make sure to sign up for your health insurance as soon as possible and make sure to write down all the exams that need to be taken. That way, you won’t have to stress about whether or not you should pay extra money. Get the necessary supplies in order to stay safe! Try to look forward to university because this is a huge milestone for you as well as for your family.

Now is the time to spend time on your hobbies so that you can focus on something that you enjoy or maybe just enjoy to spend even 10 minutes with someone. On top of this, make sure that you do your homework ahead of time in order for it to be more organised. Then spend all weekend reading, watching movies, learning new things, listening to music, and enjoying the campus. Do research so that you can figure out what to expect from the university and just make sure that you’re ready for what awaits you. Finally, prepare yourself for the rest of the season! Remember that this is your final year so aim to look forward to it!


When Everyone Is Giddy Up About Schooling

This is when you’re about to become overwhelmed about just spending more time on studying before sitting down for the exam! Well, now it’s finally time! Time to focus on preparing for exams and understanding new classes, time to prepare for the midterms, assignments, and the tests. People are excited to spend this much time getting ready for the upcoming events. Be prepared for the preparations that will happen in the future. The last thing you need to master is having to think twice before studying since if you skip over things or miss some due dates, you might end up failing your final exam. And remember that even after you’ve studied till the very last day of classes, there’s another event that will be happening next week! That’s when it really boils down to making sure you prepare for the test that you haven’t chosen yet. Yes, it’s hard but so worth it! Let’s hope you have prepared enough to succeed!


Tips That Will Help Your Study Abroad Experience

When you’re planning your study abroad experience, try and find solutions for the issues that you might face. Making yourself understood, finding the solution is an easy way to deal with these problems and you’ll feel much better after completing them. However, there are lots of aspects to consider while planning. One thing you need to do is to know the language your hostel uses. This is one of the greatest ways to improve your communication skills and make it easier for you throughout your entire experience.

Another factor is knowing where you are and how far the distance between home and university is. The closer distance the school and home, the harder it will be for you to communicate clearly and even for teachers to understand what you’ve said. Next comes the time management. Are you living under a shared flat? Maybe you’re staying with a roommate? Being cooped up in a particular place means a different lifestyle because you have to be careful with time. If there are multiple places in a college, you can have a bit easier time managing. Therefore, know your budget, time lines, and schedule.

Not only for the semester but also for the entire duration in general. You’ll have multiple lectures to prepare for and the same time to study. These two factors are equally important so make sure that you manage your time accordingly. Lastly, a little bit of planning is essential. Have a backup plan so that you don’t completely lose time and can still go to your lessons and study sessions. All of these things are not mandatory and we can always count upon anyone who knows what they are doing. However, make sure that you have enough preparations, strategies, and ideas to tackle the challenges that lie ahead of you. These three points are essential as they play an important role in keeping your studies organized for the long run, and that you make it easier for others to cope up with the circumstances around education. So always keep these in mind and have fun all the time.

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