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How can I improve my hair health naturally?

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Your hair is the one thing on your body you can tell if it’s healthy or not. However, when you notice that the condition of your hair health is getting worse and there’s a few strands missing somewhere or two, then you have to come out with some drastic measures so that you could get back to your normal look soon.

If you’re suffering from poor hair health, then here are some tips to help. Let us know about them in this article!

You may want to know more about how unhealthy our own hair can be. Here’s why it matters.


What Causes Poor Hair Health?

1. Chemotherapy or other drugs you use for treatment

2. A lifestyle that you’re leading

3. Certain environmental factors like improper diet and exposure to UV radiation

4. Excessive consumption of certain foods and beverages

5. Use of chemicals like chlorine, lead, and sulphur-containing products

6. Stressful times of life

7. Hormonal imbalances

8. Smoking and alcohol abuse

9. Genetics

10. Pregnancy and menopause

You should consider eating a few things that will improve the blood circulation to your scalp as per your doctor’s orders. For example, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as green leafy vegetables and fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This would also help to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Lastly, avoid using harsh shampoo as it can break down the keratin (the protein) in your hair. Another thing you must do is to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Citrus juice, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar can do wonders for helping your hair. These juices may be able to support the growth of new cells which are essential for healthy hair and scalp, especially if you’re having severe dandruff problems. So, try getting these items regularly so that you can have better results soon.


How Does It Affect The Growth Of Healthy Scalp And Hair?

The key to hair growth is by drinking water regularly and cleansing your scalp at least once a week. In fact, you should wash the roots of your hair and scalp after every three days and make sure you do it everyday with no exceptions. If you aren’t washing it regularly, it can cause long lasting damage to the hair. Also, any excessive usage of chemical products can also trigger growth issues, thus, you should check out what you’re consuming by looking into their ingredients.


So, here are few ways through which we can encourage you to get best possible advice regarding your hair:
1. Water:


It is an important nutrient for growing hair cells. Try drinking 5 – 10 liters of water a day to prevent hair loss. Take it with lemon juice so that it doesn’t have any pesticides. You should check out the latest supplements by taking proper care of how you consume your water and avoid excess intake of artificial flavoring agents so that you don’t have to worry about any side effects.


2. Shampoo and conditioner:


It can be beneficial for your hair and scalp health. We all know that when shampoo and conditioner go hand-in-hand, they work together effectively to target dirt and grime. Not to mention, you shouldn’t overdo it either. One thing you need to remember is that both should be kept separate so that you would have enough for one purpose only. Also, it can harm your hair by reducing its moisture and pH level. Therefore, check out the latest brands that let you add essential oils to your scalp so that you’ll get maximum absorption of the product. Some such treatments include butane, tea tree oil, olive oil, aloe vera juice, argan oil, peppermint juice and neem oil. All you have to do is to apply all of them at night, without even touching the scalp. You can see a dramatic improvement in your overall health by doing this.


3. Choose Organic Products:

natural product

You can start exploring and reading online reviews about organic products because it takes time, however these products come with 100% natural ingredients. As for yourself, if you’re dealing with dandruff problem then choosing them can prove to be beneficial to your beauty. But before deciding on whether you can afford to buy them, it’s always recommended to speak to your dermatologist or other qualified cosmetic practitioner about their advantages and disadvantages for your unique scalp. At the same time, you can explore the internet and read popular articles out there in order to find something suitable.


4. Treat Yourself To Herbs:


They are very much useful for skin diseases and also your body’s overall health. They can assist you against acne, acne scarring, dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis. There are various kinds of herbal preparations available to tackle symptoms of allergies and coughs. Besides helping control your inflammation, many kinds of herbs may also boost the immune system. Therefore, in order to treat your skin condition, try applying some of these herbal extracts like parsley leaves, oregano, rose flowers, lavender, chamomile extract, basil leaves, jasmine flower and basil seeds. Keep repeating this process until you start seeing improvements in your overall health and appearance.


5. Wear Sunscreen:


It can significantly improve the quality and look of your hair. Sunscreens can also protect your face and help fight free radicals that can lead to hair loss and other problems. Many types of sunscreens available on the market are safe and come with different concentrations of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, vitamin E and selenium that act to protect your skin against harmful UV rays. Moreover, a daily application of these products can definitely strengthen the protective barrier existing on your scalp and help in nourishing it.

It doesn’t mean that everybody has to deal with a bad hair. It just needs effort and patience. You just have to give yourself some time to look after your own hair and scalp. Once again, the most important factor to be aware of to avoid any type of damage is water. Make sure to drink lots of water regularly, since each person has different requirements.

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