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Why am i not able to make new friends?

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In the short story “You Can’t Run Away from Someone When They Call You,” by Naguib Mahfouz, there’s an important lesson that has been taken out of context. It states that we have to make new friends with people who are a little bit different from us in order for our relationships to move forward. The character in this story was named Mikey. The difference between him and many others is he was overweight compared to all of his neighbours. This is also seen as a great way of showing how our actions impact people who do not like us. He was a big man with long legs. People call him a bulldog because of how much meat he could carry and how much power he had over everyone else.

Mikey was one of those people who liked to talk about his dreams and goals. Although some of these dreams were unattainable, they were usually achievable. Also, Mikey would constantly fantasise about meeting other boys like himself in school or on the streets. Throughout the whole novel, there were times when his dream came true such as going to University or having more sexual partners but it was not much better than being able to go to work every day because those jobs didn’t even pay well. It was very hard to find jobs among the people who lived around him as he never seemed to have any luck.

By the time the protagonist had completed the book, Mikey became his friend and they started hanging out almost everyday. Eventually getting into Mikey’s mind started to play tricks and eventually, they decided to get together. One night as Mikey’s parents are arguing, their daughter decides to lie to them. She starts to tell lies about her past loves and how she wanted them to stay at home when she got into trouble. This makes her family think she has an affair.

Mikey knew this and decided to lie to them just so they wouldn’t care about what he did. However after this, Mikey begins to tell everyone in town about his “dream girl.” The girls were quick to reject this lie. One of them says to him “There’s no such thing as the real woman you see. All the women you see are false.” As the next morning comes along, the protagonist is talking to someone in the street, he tells them “It doesn’t matter if she’s your girlfriend or not—she will always know who you are.” It is clear from this story that people can be hurt if you put yourself down and lie to them for no good reason.

Mikey saw why his dreamgirl wasn’t right and decided he had enough reasons to lie to her. Mikey took the opportunity to make friends with this person who was actually lying to him. We also see the effect of lying at this point in the movie where Mr. Jones tells Mikey that he needs to go to class and work at least six hours every weekday. But then when Mikey hears the news from her parents that she wants to start college, they are pretty surprised about this. Mikey then shows her the fake note he wrote to his dreamgirl. This was another example of how lying can affect people.

Another time when Mikey tried to cheat on Linda when she was pregnant, he made up excuses for this so she wouldn’t think anything could happen to them. Mikey also had other problems around him such as drug abuse and not knowing how to take care of himself. Being poor and struggling every day didn’t help matters. There is a lot of truth to this myth. Not only does lying make friendships harder to form but it can cause major damage.

Lying is a way of telling yourself that you don’t need to like yourself because you are worth something, which is so untrue. If you are not liked, you won’t be accepted. When Mikey lied about his dreamgirl, he told people who he thought were interested in having sex with him. Even though Mikey may not always be successful, many people would find him interesting because he seemed to have everything they needed. This is just another illustration of why we should know when to say no or keep things to ourselves.

Many people would rather have success than people like themselves and that may be their problem really. Some people have certain ideals that they want to live up to and not everyone is like that however this just means that most people want change. Most people who are unhappy in their lives lie because they feel like they deserve help. Lies will always end up backfiring on us and bring us nowhere but harm.

Lies can cause us to lose hope and even get depressed. When people lie to each other, the lie gets bigger and the pain keeps growing. Sometimes people lie about things they know are not true and this can lead to them making decisions that in turn affect us in some way.

A few examples could be lying about your feelings which causes you to doubt yourself and this causes you to look for other ways to prove to people that you are worth being loved. It can also lead to you feeling like you are trying for attention and you may start acting the way you are always doing so people can see they have found someone unique enough to like.

People can also lie to themselves, which is known as ego deception because you start believing things that aren’t true. Your brain starts working out ideas to give you a sense of importance and you forget all your own feelings. At first, you like the idea and you believe you are happy and at once you start looking for it. You start asking yourself “If I am beautiful then I have to love myself” This is known as self deception. Then when you realise what you are looking for is not even worth your life, you start questioning yourself whether it is true love or the wrong kind. An example here would be a guy who doesn’t like himself and thinks of himself as ugly.

When he meets his crush, he thinks this will be the beginning of happiness. This is when he gives up and decides that maybe if she is ugly then he might be a lesbian and they should be together or he can find someone who also isn’t as ugly like him. These types of situations are common for people who spend a lot of time looking for someone or something that is worth their lives. People lie in hopes that if you have good looks, you will like other people.

It’s easier said than done because sometimes it doesn’t work out like you expected but it can even ruin a relationship. For example, when a guy’s crush falls in love with his best friend, it can ruin a friendship. This doesn’t just happen to the crush but also happens to people who are close to each other and start believing they love each other. When you lie to yourself, you can’t trust yourself no matter how much you love yourself. And when you lie to your partner, you can’t trust your body either. Don’t lie to yourself any longer because you will find out whether you trust yourself or not.

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